Plenty Belize, who we are and what we do

Plenty Belize
Promoting the well-being of the people, the communities,and the environment we share in the Toledo District of Belize
Plenty Belize is a registered Belizean NGO with its office in Punta Gorda Town, in the country’s southernmost Toledo District. Founded in 1997 with the support of Plenty International, Plenty Belize has a local Board of Directors and operates independently, yet benefits from access to material, financial and technical support from its U.S. affiliate.
Over its history Plenty Belize has offered a wide range of services to local groups and projects, including training and consulting on a variety of topics, as well as capacity building via joint implementation of projects. For example, the Birding for Biodiversity environmental education project was designed and successfully implemented in collaboration with the Toledo Ecotourism Association. Examples of Plenty Belize’s own projects include our GATE program, a Traditional Birth Attendant training program for villages that need additional health care services, small enterprise development, and solar energy applications.
Plenty Belize integrates social service, poverty alleviation, and environmental protection through projects in health, nutrition, organic gardens, environmental education, and renewable energy. Plenty Belize strives to be known for being an honest, dependable, “no frills” organization.
Please spend a few minutes looking around this site, reading about Plenty Belize and our projects, and let us know what you think!

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