Single Mom receives grant to start business

Everyday our Belizean parents struggle to make ends meet to keep food on the table for their kids, clothes on their back and a warm bed to sleep in. While some have jobs, others live from day to day. One such parent is Ms. Elidiana Coye from Cattle Landing, Toledo District. Ms. Coye is the mother of 5 children, all of which she is solely in charge of their upbringing. She approached our office with a vision and initiative in her heart to start a business. Her plan was to get a freezer and sell pig meat in and around town. Through a European Union funded BRDP grant, Plenty Belize was able to assist her with the purchase of a freezer to start her business. It has been 7 months since this venture started; Ms. Coye stated that while she encountered some challenges in the beginning her business has been steadily increasing. Ms. Coye sells ice, chicken and also ideal (a local frozen treat!) on occasion when the freezer is not loaded with pork. Plenty Belize has applauded her effort and through the BRDP has provided her with paint to make a sign outside her house. Ms. Coye claims that before the grant she was not able to provide for her children, and now she is saving up her money to expand her business to help her children more in the future.



2 responses to “Single Mom receives grant to start business

  1. this woman, ms coye is not a single mom. yes she has five children but her husband, Eddison Coye is presently living with her in cattle landing. i think that before giving out grants like this one your staff needs to get some background info. on the individual. thanks.

    • Thank you Ms Guzman. We have been aware of the situation between Mr and Ms Coye. At the time of the grant, and for many months afterward, she was indeed a single mother, as Mr Coye was not at home nor supporting his family. He instead was dealing with his own issues. We are pleased to see that Mr Coye is back in the picture, and trying to be more responsible with his family.

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