Village Food Fair held in Pueblo Viejo

Plenty Belize would like to thank Dawn Dean of the Maya Mountain Research Farm for writing the following post.

Last Thursday, in the hot, hot sun, we washed hundreds of little hands. The occasion was the Pueblo Viejo Food Fair, held in honor of the students graduating from Plenty Belize’s school garden program. Maya Mountain Research Farm participated by teaching all natural soap making, and then… by washing hands. We let the kids choose their favorite type of soap. Do you want to try ginger, cacao, jack-ass bitters, corn or luffa soap? Hold out your hands, get them all wet, lather up and rinse! Do they smell nice? Feel clean? Now you’re ready for your meal!

Cleansing, all natural body soap can easily be made with just lye, water and coconut oil, but most people don’t know how. To support Plenty Belize in their mission of “promoting the well-being of the people, communities and environment we share in Toledo”, MMRF decided to teach this easy skill of soap-making to interested students and parents. The kids were fascinated by the chemical reaction of lye with water (it gets hot fast!) but mostly it was the moms we saw copying down the recipe.

MMRF staff took the opportunity to check out the children’s garden, which was loaded with cilantro, peppers, cabbage and lettuce. While we waited for the meal we sipped corn lob, then, once we were really, really hungry, we gorged on local veggies and local chicken prepared with traditional recipes. A wonderful day was had by all who attended.pueblo-handwash.png


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