School Kitchen Equipment Request from St. Benedict R.C. School, Can you help?

St. Benedict R.C School at ‘Indianville’ serves a mainly Mayan/Ketchi population. These families migrated to Punta Gorda Town from villages in the Toledo District of Belize to seek employment. For the most part, the parents of these children are manual laborers. However, they are very supportive of their children’s education ad want to be able to provide a better future for them.

Unfortunately, because of the strained economic situation of the ‘Indianville’ community and the parents of these young children, the school cannot look for funding from them. However, as Principal, I certainly want to provide the children with as many opportunities as possible and I am seeking ways of improving educational quality and service by enabling more children from this community to attend their local school.

Through the efforts of friends, family, and a few parents of St. Benedict School, we were able to attach a small extension to our school’s building. This extension houses a storeroom and a kitchenette, which will be used for the preparation of healthy snacks and meals.

We do not allow out children to eat unhealthy snacks; therefore the school has taken up the responsibility to monitor the snacks our children eat. Also we would like to start a feeding program for out children in this community. However, we are in urgent need of equipment for the program.

Some of the equipments are as follows:

Large Equipment:

One Stove — Thank you to Scotia Bank who read this article and is donating this item!

One freezer (small)

Two small kitchen cupboards

Kitchen Utensils:

Cooking knives

Cooking forks

Cooking spoons

Cooking bowls

Mixing bowls

Storage containers

Sauce pans

Plastic spatula

Measuring spoons and cups

All purpose mixer

Cooking pots


Eating Utensils:

125 – Soup dishes

125 – Eating spoons

I pray that you will look kindly on this request in the name of the young and eager pupils of St. Benedict R.C. School at ‘Indianville’, Punta Gorda, Toledo District, Belize.

Any assistance given to St. Benedict School will be greatly appreciated.

Submitted by: Olive Woodeye

Principal of St. Benedict R.C. School


2 responses to “School Kitchen Equipment Request from St. Benedict R.C. School, Can you help?

  1. Hello Miss Olive, i would like to say thank you, for showing us around your school,while my friend and i were visiting, my country, my town Punta Gorda, after not seen it for 40 years, that is when i left belize as a little girl, you and your members of staff, do a wonderful job at St. Benedict School, you truly are an inspiring person, am now back in Scotland in the U.K but i will be back next year, am also having a fund raising night to raise funds for your school, you will be hearing from me soon.
    margaret Rae

  2. Hello from Nova Scotia,
    I’ll be coming to Belize in December for a vacation and have been gathering lots of info about your country. One of the websites was yours.
    Well, I don’t know if it would be of any interests to you, but my daughter went recently to study in university and left many used and unused pens, crayons eta.
    Would you like to have them for your children? if so I would bring them to Belize in Dezember

    Regards, Lothar Mayer

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