Plenty Belize set path for the future with new Strategic Plan!

During the past few months, the Board and Staff of Plenty Belize have met several times to focus on planning for the future.  The result of all of this hard work is our new Strategic Plan for 2009 – 2014.  We believe this plan will guide us to continue our important work in Toledo, building upon our past 12 years of good work.

Our mission statement has been changed slightly, and now reads:

“Working together for the well-being of the people, communities, and environment in Toledo, Belize.”

We believe this shows our continued commitment to all that is Toledo, as well as our commitment to form partnerships where they will lead to the well-being of Toledo.

Many thanks goes to all of the Board and Staff of Plenty Belize, to Mr. Bruce Will Jones for his expert help in facilitating the process, to the Honourable Peter Eden Martinez for his support of the planning process, to Aguada Hotel for the donated use of their conference room, and to all the people of Toledo who inspire us.

Board and staff


2 responses to “Plenty Belize set path for the future with new Strategic Plan!

  1. I would like to learn more about what you are going to do in Tolido. Is there larger website?

  2. I read your article about solar power in Belize. The points you made about grid tied systems and improving the economy by keeping the money we spend on energy in Belize. Have there been any changes in the situation with the power allowing grid tied systems? This is a very important issue because the solar systems are about half the price with out the battery banks need to store the power, by not being able to tie in. I am a student of anthropology/ renewable resources and will be in Belize for a study aboard program. But I am also just a concerned Belizean even if I don’t live at home while I study. Keep the use full info coming and I will keep reading and maybe pay a visit to your program to learn more while I’m in country.

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